Therm iR Ltd is a specialist Thermal Imaging Company based in the South East of England, Maldon, Essex. We conduct site surveys in the sectors outlined below. Able to travel UK wide, we are always keen to explore diverse applications beyond those already stated. Please call me to discuss your requirements, as the owner and engineer in this business you can be assured of a professional prompt service. My 'Linked In' profile is publicly available, with a direct link here, or via my Contact Us page. Thanks for viewing my company website.
With my background in the Industrial Control and Automation, Electronic / Electrical Design and Service Engineering. I can bring this experience together to offer a Thermal Imaging service that goes beyond just taking images. Anyone can undertake this, it is the interpretation of the result and the recommendations taken forward where my company excels.
With Thermal Imaging, a whole new world is opened to our eyes, allowing potential problems to be seen and rectified before they become significant. This is categorized as Condition Monitoring (predictive/preventative) and can save on expensive replacement and downtime. 
  • Underfloor pipe work inspections
  • Heating system efficiency inspections
  • Electrical and Mechanical installations
  • Location of wall joists and support structures


  • Electrical panels and installations
  • Machinery, Motors, Plant
  • Insulation efficiency, internal / external
  • Level / sludge monitoring in tank installations
  • Fluid, Steam, valve and pipe work systems
  • Electrical and Mechanical installations
  • Composite material integrity
  • Water ingress on decks / hull