Commercial and Domestic Applications :



 Manifold Circuit Operation

Underfloor Heating Location

Leaking copper elbow

 Manifold Circuit Operation

Thermal Imaging is a very useful tool to determine the condition and find failures in Domestic and Commercial building systems. 

Examples below :
  • Heating Systems,
Underfloor heating systems can be checked for operating efficiency and location of leakage areas without result to destructive invasive measures.
Determine the run and location of buried pipework.
Check operation of Valve systems.

  • Electrical distribution board inspections. 
Identify circuit and fuse/mcb allocation.
  • Insulation efficiency,
Determine areas where insulation is missing or of poor performance.
Inspect window and door units for heat loss. 
Inspect roof structures for heat loss.
  • Determine location of wall and ceiling structures buried behind plaster board surface.
  • Determine location and run of buried heating pipe work in Walls, Floors and Ceilings.