Condition Monitoring Explained


There are two methods under the general term Condition Monitoring which can be utilised in the coarse of a Thermal Imaging survey.
  • Predictive Monitoring
This form of Condition monitoring builds up a series of information / data on a object being observed. It relies on regular scheduled surveys, from which the condition of the object of interest is compared to previous surveys and a decision is made whether to continue monitoring or schedule a maintenance program to rectify a potential fault before it becomes a major incident. A big advantage of this method is the maintenance can be planned for a future time that has least impact on the overall system, thereby minimising down time and associated costs.
The flowchart demonstrates a typical response to how predictive maintenance is performed. 
  • Preventative Monitoring
This form of Condition monitoring is a direct result of a Thermal Imaging Survey finding an imminent failure. i.e in the case of a electrical terminal working loose, the survey will highlight this as an immediate response requirement and corrective measures quickly performed.