Marine Applications : 
Water Ingress on Hull Laminate Missing Insulation on Cabin Side

Establishing position of frames

and ballast


Thermal Imaging has many advantages within the Marine industry. With the combination of my experience within the marine leisure business, I can offer a tailored service to apply thermal imaging in an area where it may least be expected.

There a numerous applications briefly outlined below where my company can be of benefit :
  • Electrical / Electronic installations, 
Find potential problems on distribution boards i.e poor terminations or failing components.
Establish circuit and fuse board allocations on poorly documented installations.
  • Composite Hull Integrity,
Thermal Imaging lends itself well to establishing areas of water ingress when carried out under the correct climate conditions. i.e a temperature difference between the laminate and the surrounding air.

  • Insulation efficiency,
Determine areas where insulation is poor or non existent and help provide a means of establishing a cost effective solution. 

Locate areas of water ingress of deck and cabin structures especially on balsa or foam core laminates which have become saturated.

  • Engine and propulsion system.
Determine operation of thermostat and cooling circuit efficiency. 
Inspect skin tank exchangers for operating effectiveness. 

Monitor stern tube packing for friction heat rise.