What do you receive?




Each site visit is optimised to meet your specific requirements, this will involve a typical routine outlined below :
  • Initial contact - introduction and explanation of Thermal Imaging capabilities, benefits and your actual requirements. 
  • Confirmation of the site visit date and time to suit your timescales
  • Actual site visit -  Each object requiring a Thermal Survey will be documented with other data as relevant i.e climatic conditions. For Electrical Boards, Motors, Transmissions etc, if possible the loading will be observed along with other relevant data to form the basis of ongoing condition monitoring. Any observations which are deemed as urgent will be discussed immediately with you. Where specific applications are unknown, the Thermographer will work in co operation with your onsite engineering team, this will ensure the maximum benifit from each visit is achieved.
  • After the site visit - A comprehensive report will be produced, this will show the relevant images plus description. In the case of suspected failing products, these will be highlighted and depending on application a recommendation will be produced for future action. We are happy to discuss the outcome of the survey at anytime. In the case of Industrial plant etc, a further site visit may be recommended to continue condition trend monitoring. This will help plan a strategy to overhaul equipment before a failure has occurred and allow a planned maintenance regime to be established.
  • Discussion of the report findings and any follow up recommendations.